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The role of home appliance coating equipment

Date of issue:2021-05-20 Author: Click:

Coating effect

1. Protective function: protect metal, wood, stone, plastic and other objects from being corroded by light, rain, dew, and hydration. Using paint to cover objects is one of the convenient and reliable protection methods, which can protect objects and extend their service life, such as home appliance coating equipment.

2. Decorative effect: paint coating can make the object "put on" a beautiful coat, which has brilliance, luster and smoothness. The beautified environment and objects make people feel beautiful and comfortable.

3. Special functions: After special coatings are applied to the object, the surface of the object can be fireproof, waterproof, antifouling, temperature display, heat preservation, stealth, conductivity, insecticide, sterilization, luminescence and reflection functions.

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